The Time Has Come

One of my granddaughter’s favorite books ends something like this..."The time had come, so Marvin went!” In this case the time is long past! Soon this site will no longer be available. Thanks to all of you who made it a smashing success for years beginning when I created it in 1999 (as I’ve been immensely enriched by all (well, at least most) of you who participated in the active forums over the years. God bless!

Mason-Dixon Trail

Mason-Dixon Trail Southern York County has quite a few good places to hike.  There is, of course, the Heritage Rail Trail that we’re all familiar with and that is especially good for biking or jogging on, but there are also many lesser known trails.

This photo was taken at a clearing on the Mason-Dixon Trail as it passes along the Susquehanna River in Southern York County.  The Mason-Dixon trail runs 193 miles from the Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Springs, PA east to the Susquehanna River’s west bank, southeast to Havre de Grace, MD, continuing east then northeast terminating at Chadds Ford, PA along the Brandywine River.

Free Publicity for Events

In the past we have offered free publicity on the site front page for public events sponsored by non-profit organizations.  If you recently requested this and it didn’t happen, let me offer you my sincere apologies.  I have been attending graduate school while also working fulltime and have simply been unable to keep pace with everything.  For right now I’m forced to discontinue the free publicity on the home page, but do consider posting it in the forums.  They are the most active part of the site so hopefully that will be of help.